PWG IPP charter

PWG IPP charter

PWG IPP charter

Raymond Lutz raylutz at
Mon Nov 11 21:59:45 EST 1996

Thanks for your reponse.

At 05:02 PM 11/11/96 PST, Carl-Uno Manros wrote:
>At 13:15 11.11.96 PST, you wrote:
>>The following charter description was posted to the internet printing
>>protocol reflector. I hope the overlap between the ietf-fax group and this
>>group can be effectively harmonized.

>please note that the charter document is still in very raw format, it needs
>better wording and polishing before it is presentable to a wider audience.

I consider anything that is published to these sort of "open" discussion
lists to be free game. The audience subscribing to the ietf-fax list is
probably quite similar in make-up to the ipp list. The ipp list is quite
new, and certainly I would hope that the "charter" description would
undergo further discussion and refinement. An important note is that the
discussion of the scope is most important to get the various groups working
on material that is not overlapping in scope, and the work makes sense.

I am concerned because the ietf-fax group is working in one direction and
the ipp group seems to be working toward another. Indeed, the desired end
result for both is quite similar. Many of the items in the charter overlap
with those that are stated in the ietf-fax proposal. When I see things like
this, I usually worry that things are being done for political rather than
technical purposes.

>I am interested in finding out what you and others in the IETF Fax group
>think are the potentially overlapping areas between the two projects. Shame
>you could not make it to New Orleans, you lost out on some of the fun....

Yes, I like New Orleans. But I just finished a big conference and a trip to
Japan. So my family was happy to have me here at home for a while. I hope
this work is open to review in written form...


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