IPP Agenda for Teleconference - Wednesday November 13

IPP Agenda for Teleconference - Wednesday November 13

IPP Agenda for Teleconference - Wednesday November 13

Bill Wagner bwagner at digprod.com
Wed Nov 13 12:52:57 EST 1996

     I suggest that the discussion of IETF-FAX/IPP overlap be limited to 
     the observation, reflected by Dave Crocker, that there appears to be 
     no overlap at this time, but that we will continue to be aware the 
     each other's efforts via the public mail lists.
     Although I share Raymond's apprehension with regard to the potential 
     overlap, the paths taken by the two groups seem to have avoided this. 
     IPP is concerned with the more elemental process of printing, 
     specifically of discovery, delivery and denouement (ok..its a 
     stretch). IETF-FAX is concerned with ... FAX, which is a more complex 
     process and for which no reasonable definition has emerged.
     The service models in the IETF_FAX charter are:
        A: Messaging, apparently email delivery of encapsulated 
     'traditional' fax: no overlap
        B: Session-based, for observed delivery, with or without 
     capabilities negotiation, and for which some have suggested LDPA may 
     be appropriate. But there is still the notion of encapsulating a 
     'traditional' fax transmission
        C. Real-time, for telephone replacement and transparent to existing
     fax machines, to which there certainly seems no overlap.

     The printing/internet and the FAX/Email  groups  each have enough of a 
     task in resolving the disparate cultures within themselves without 
     attempting an all-inclusive approach from the start.
     Bill Wagner, DPI

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Subject: Re: IPP Agenda for Teleconference - Wednesday November 13
Author:  Carl-Uno Manros <cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com> at Internet
Date:    11/13/96 9:07 AM

At 18:02 12.11.96 PST, you wrote:
>Hi Carl-Uno:
>On the teleconference:
>I think it would be appropriate to discuss potention overlap of the ipp
>charter with the ietf-fax charter. Both charters are open for discussion at
>this time. I would prefer to see a joint effort in a merge-purge operation
>of these things, and perhaps we can see some important issues that will
>benefit both projects and decide on who will handle these.

time permitting, we can start discussing that subject too, but I would like
to have some written input from you that we can discuss around.


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