Microsoft Internet Printing Efforts

Microsoft Internet Printing Efforts

Microsoft Internet Printing Efforts

Don Wright don at
Thu Nov 14 14:46:05 EST 1996

I am fully aware of this effort and these are the folks I have been
talking to trying to get them involved.


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From: @ (Randy Turner) @ SMTP
Date: 11/14/96 11:09:05 AM
Subject: Microsoft Internet Printing Efforts

I was wondering if we are going to align our IPP work with the
internet printing effort currently underway at Microsoft. One
of the engineers in my group attended a "Microsoft Windows/NT 5.0
Printing Architecture Preview" meeting at Microsoft this week, and
there is a specific section within the handouts dedicated to 
internet printing utilizing HTTP and URLs. Some of the same concepts
we talked about in New Orleans are being applied.

I think we need to solicit participation by Microsoft in the IPP
effort if they have already expended significant resources in
the investigation of internet printing. It seems like their has
been recent email from someone at Microsoft during our earlier
internet printing discussions on the mailing list.

Just a thought,



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