Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Nov 14 15:58:14 EST 1996


Could you please stick with 8.3 file naming.  Some of us are still with
Windows 3.11.  I think we can get the date for conference calls into
8 characters and some indication that its a conference call (maybe cc?).

It might be nice to include the year in the file name too, since the
date sometimes becomes today's date when copying files.

If you put the year first, month next and day last, then it sorts by date.

Maybe something like:

cc961113.doc  .pdf   .ps   .txt

for weekly conference calls


ipp-9611.doc   .pdf  .ps   .txt

for monthly ipp meetings.


At 12:03 11/14/96 PST, Don Wright wrote:
>I have posted an updated/fixed version of the minutes for
>the IPP session at the New Orleans PWG meeting.  The 
>various versions are:  
>I have also posted the minutes for the 11/13 conference 
>call in the same formats as:
>Happy hunting!
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