Service Location Protocol

Service Location Protocol

Service Location Protocol

kcarter at VNET.IBM.COM kcarter at VNET.IBM.COM
Tue Nov 19 20:39:44 EST 1996

To:	ipp @
From:	Keith Carter
Date:	11-19-96 01:29:15 PM
Subject:	Service Location Protocol

IPP Team,

We do not need to focus on the Service Location Protocol (SLP).  IBM will
pursue improving the LDAP standard to match capabilities that are
supported by SLP but not by LDAP.  The most notable example is that SLP
allows clients to dynamically locate a directory server which LDAP does
not currently support.

The reasons for focusing on LDAP over SLP are as follows:

  -   LDAP has garnered wide-spread industry support from Netscape, IBM,
Novell, Microsoft and others companies.
  -   LDAP has more robust functionality and a richer API set than SLP.
  -   LDAP explicitly addresses security while SLP does not explicitly
address security.

Have a super day,


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