New Internet Draft Request

New Internet Draft Request

New Internet Draft Request

Don Wright don at
Thu Nov 21 09:49:05 EST 1996

A working group is in the process of being chartered in
the applications area to develop a protocol for Internet
printing.  We have a BOF scheduled for Dec 12th in San Jose.
I have developed a requirements document for that work that
needs to be published.  The title of that document is:

"Requirements for WEB Browse-based Internet Printing"

The abstract is:


This document describes the requirements for WEB 
browser-based Internet printing protocol.  It 
describes the end-user, operator and administrator 
wants and needs in the context of printing documents 
from a variety of sources.  These sources include 
standard desktop applications (e.g. word processors, 
spreadsheets, and browsers), documents selected by 
reference (e.g. URL) and documents created by batch 
or background applications.  Additionally, 
requirements for light-weight printer status and 
management and job status and management services 
will be discussed.


I would like a document name assigned so that we can make 
this draft available ASAP.  The name I suggest is:


Your prompt response is requested.



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