Requirements Draft

Requirements Draft

Requirements Draft

Don Wright don at
Thu Nov 21 17:34:57 EST 1996

I have received the name for the requirements document, and
have forwarded the new version to the IETF for publication.
It is also posted on the ftp server as:


All the changes requested (which were very simple) have been
included and it has been formatted to fit the IETF's 
requirements so I don't expect much editing will be done
on the IETF's end before publishing.

I have removed the old versions because the naming chosen
was very confusing.  If for some reason, you need a copy
of the old drafts, I have them.

I know this didn't give you guys much time for comment but
given the simplicity of the changes and the schedule we and
the IETF are on, this needed to get done NOW!



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