Suggestion for pwg and ipp web pages

Suggestion for pwg and ipp web pages

Suggestion for pwg and ipp web pages

Tom Hastings hastings at
Thu Nov 21 18:43:10 EST 1996


Thanks for volunteering to do PWG and IPP web pages.

It would be good to have a list of related rfcs for the printer MIB and
for the ipp standard.  We all have a lot of homework to do in studying
these other RFCs.  An interesting question is how can additions RFCs
be contributed?  Could there be a mail checkbox in which any PWG member
could contribute an additional RFC with a brief description?  Probably,
that is too fancy for the first go around.  So we should probably just
mail you with the RFC reference and one line descriptions.

How should the related RFCs be grouped?  So far, I think that there
are the following categories of RFCs that relate to IPP:


The PWG page should be an umbrella page, listing the four activities of the
PWG which each have their own home pages:

   Printer MIB (PMP)
   Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
   Job Monitoring MIB (JMP)

Lower priority would be to also have a Job Monitoring MIB (JMP) web page
and a SENSE web page.

I've started such a sub-directory on the PWG server, called
http-related-rfcs, but a web page with a sentence or two about each related
rfc and a pointer 
to the source, rather than copying, would be great.


Or should we copy them to your server, to improve response but take up space?


Thanks for doing this,
Tom Hastings

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