IPP> FWD: Re: emerging directory schema standards?

IPP> FWD: Re: emerging directory schema standards?

IPP> FWD: Re: emerging directory schema standards?

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Tue Nov 26 14:54:00 EST 1996

Here's a qualified reply to the previously forwarded message,
this time from a person actively involved in the LDAP effort.


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From: Mark Wahl <M.Wahl at critical-angle.com>
To: "Steven E. Newton" <snewton at oac.hsc.uth.tmc.edu>
cc: Rob Winters <rwinters at hq.nasa.gov>, ldap at umich.edu
Subject: Re: emerging directory schema standards?
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 09:51:11 -0600

> Well, unfortunately, IMHO, the LDAP people didn't fully do their homework
> as far as directory schema go.  The x.500 people did, however, and there

As an access protocol, LDAP does not define a schema, since there is no 
single fixed schema which would meet all the planned applications of Internet
directory services.  However you may wish to take a look at the Internet Draft
<draft-ietf-asid-ldapv3-attributes-03.txt>, in which LDAP representations of 
all the attributes and object classes of X.520(1993), X.521(1993) and RFC 1274
are specified. 

Those interested in participating in schema issues should consider joining the 
IETF IDS working group mailing list, to which one can be subscribed by 
contacting ietf-ids-request at umich.edu.  Amongst their activities, they are 
working on a draft "A Common Schema for the Internet White Pages Service", 

  The IETF Integrated Directory Services (IDS) Working Group proposes to
  establish a specification for a simple Internet white pages service.
  To facilitate this effort it would be helpful to have a common schema
  used by the various white page servers.  This document is designed to 
  specify the basic set of attributes to be used for a white page entry
  for a person.  This schema does not describe how to represent other
  objects in the White page service.  It does describe how new objects
  can be defined and registered.  This schema is independent of 
  implementations of the White Page service.  
Hope this helps,

Mark Wahl, Enterprise Directory Integration
Critical Angle Incorporated

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