IPP> BOF Presentations

IPP> BOF Presentations

IPP> BOF Presentations

Don Wright don at lexmark.com
Tue Dec 3 11:38:01 EST 1996

I don't know where the Present directory went but that is where the document 
I have re-uploaded it to the pub/pwg/ipp/contributions-for-discussion directory
as ipp-req in both pdf and ps formats.

Comments quickly please!!

To: Don Wright, ipp%pwg.org @ interlock.lexmark.com @ SMTP
From: Scott_Isaacson%novell.com @ interlock.lexmark.com (Scott Isaacson) @ SMTP
Date: 12/03/96 09:25:11 AM
Subject: IPP> BOF Presentations


At one point you indicated that you had put your BOF presentation on the
PWG server.  I can't find it.  Is it still there?  Where has it moved to?

It looks like someone has done a good job at trying to reorganize the IPP
directory.  Thanks.

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