IPP> BOF Presentation Comments

IPP> BOF Presentation Comments

IPP> BOF Presentation Comments

Robert Herriot robert.herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Tue Dec 3 17:02:05 EST 1996

I have reviewed the 3 foils and I have the following suggestions.

I still think that the first foil is too complicated, and I am not sure
I even understand the meaning of half of it. I have tried to simplify it
into an easy-to-read bullet format while keeping the intent that I

My suggestion for the first foil is:

Internet Printing
   o uses World Wide Web tools, programs, servers and networks.
   o works for printers that are attached locally or via a network.
   o uses HTTP servers and browsers to provide print operations which include
      o browsing for printers
      o printing jobs
      o cancelling jobs
      o monitoring and managing jobs and printers
      o configuring printers

If I have left out some important ideas above, they can be added to this

Overall, the bullets need to have parallel parts of speech.

On foil 2, alerting is mentioned for the operator but not for the end-user.
The 3 bullet items under submitting a print job don't seem to be parallel.
"From standard applications" and "Background or batch applications" seem
to be nearly the same, i.e. "from applications". The "via reference" seems
to be very different and I assume it is contrasting "with document content"
which is not mentioned.  I would suggest two bullets:
     o from applications
     o with document content or a reference to it

"Changing job and printer status" An operator cannot change job or
printer status, but can change other attributes of each object. The
phrase probably should be "changing some printer and job attributes."

There needs to be a new bullet item that says that an administrator 
can configure a printer.

On foil 3, what does "operator requirements" refer to?

I think that "Independent" and two sub items should be changed to
"Platform Independent for client and server".  

What does "enabled" mean for I18N? Perhaps it is enough to make
the item and sub item be just "Internationalized".

Bob Herriot

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> From: Don Wright <don at lexmark.com>
> Date:  3 Dec 96 14:08:12 EST
> Subject: Re: IPP> BOF Presentation Comments
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> I made Harry's suggested change except I changed "...browsers
> for providing static..." to "...browsers to provide static..."  Rolls off
> the tongue a little better.
> Don
> To: ipp%pwg.org @ interlock.lexmark.com @ SMTP
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> From: harryl @ vnet.ibm.com>" <harryl%VNET.IBM.COM at interlock.lexmark.com 
> ("Harry Lewis) @ SMTP
> Date: 12/03/96 10:41:04 AM
> Subject: IPP> BOF Presentation Comments
> I reviewed the 3 slide BOF presentation and have the following comments.
> The first "foil" is a bit tongue tied in that it references Internet printing
> AFTER initial set-up but later includes installation, configuration etc in
> the IPP definition. Also, I think this paragraph makes unnecessary and unclear
> distinctions between remote, local and lan printing. Below, I will include
> the current wording followed by my recommended rewrite. Note, I also removed
> the word "paradigm" because I believe Internet printing will be viewed as a
> new paradigm.
> > Internet Printing is the application of World Wide Web tools, programs,
> > servers and networks to allow "end-users" to print to a remote printer
> > using, after initial setup or configuration, the same methods, operations
> > and paradigms as would be used for a locally attached or a local area
> > network attached printer. This includes the use of HTTP servers and
> > browsers for providing static, dynamic and interactive printer locating
> > services, user installation, selection, configuration and status inquiry
> > of remote printers and jobs.
> Internet Printing is the application of World Wide Web tools, programs,
> servers and networks to allow "end-users" to print using methods and
> operations similar to those currently used for locally attached or LAN
> printing in the platform dependent OS. Internet Printing will include the
> use of HTTP servers and browsers for providing static, dynamic and
> interactive print services location, printer installation, selection and
> configuration as well as remote printer and print job monitoring.
> Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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