IPP> Comments on BOF Presentation -Reply

IPP> Comments on BOF Presentation -Reply

IPP> Comments on BOF Presentation -Reply

Scott Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Tue Dec 3 19:07:11 EST 1996


I agree with most of your comments.  My comments on yours:

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>>> <kcarter at vnet.IBM.COM> 12/03/96 02:24pm >>>
4.  Under the End-User bullet, do we need to add a sub-bullet for
    their own print job"?  We might get asked why a user cannot modify
    attributes (e.g. number of copies) of a submitted print job before it
    prints since the major NOS support this capability today.  If we add this
    bullet, we must state that this function is not supported in IPP 1.0 on
    chart #3.
>>> <kcarter at vnet.IBM.COM> 12/03/96 02:24pm >>>

We had agreed that yes, modifying a job is "supported" today, however,
we chose to not need to worry about this with our self-imposed
"6-month" deadline looming over our heads.  Let's get something going,
and then make progress on these other more difficult issues later.

>>> <kcarter at vnet.IBM.COM> 12/03/96 02:24pm >>>
6.  Under the Administrator bullet, please add a sub-bullet "Access
    I view authorization as the act of assigning the role of "end-user",
    "operator" and "administrator" to each user while access control
    who can print on the printer (e.g. "end-users" barney and betty can
    on a printer but "end-users" fred and wilma cannot print on the
>>> <kcarter at vnet.IBM.COM> 12/03/96 02:24pm >>>

I disagree here.  Authroization is not assigning the role to some entity, but
verifying that some entity is who or what they claim to be.  If I call you on
the phone and say "Hi this is Scott"  first you must decide if I am really
Scot before you do anything else.  You might detect the sound of my
voice or you might look on your caller id.  Once you determine that I am
really Scott, you can decide to hang up, talk to me casually, or divulge
your companies most important secrets.  This last part is authorization:
you assign me (now verified to be Scott) a role: enemy, friend,
employee.   Assinging of roles IS authorization.    If  barney and betty can
print  on a printer, they are "end-users"  if  fred and wilma cannot print
on the printer they are not "end-users".


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