IPP> Scott's Presentation for the BOF -Reply

IPP> Scott's Presentation for the BOF -Reply

IPP> Scott's Presentation for the BOF -Reply

Alex Bochannek abochann at cisco.com
Wed Dec 4 14:44:04 EST 1996

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I am against using HTTP
in the way you propose.

- You define a special port
- You define a special content-type
- You define use of a command subset

To me that means you have a different protocol. Why not write a two
page draft that defines the access type ipp:// and just run straight
IPP over a TCP session? Much easier (I think)


> Roger,
> Thanks for the comments.  I have made some of the suggested changes
> and have put a new version out called ipp-info2.(ppt, ps).  
> For everyone else that is afraid they didn't have time to comment, feel
> free to make additional comments.  For Roger's sake, I mostly wanted to
> add some pictures and some scenarios and get feedback on those as
> soon as possible.  I agree that these are needed.  What do you think of
> the approach I took?
> Also, Roger, one of the comments came from Alex:
> ------------------------------------
> What's the REAL benefit of using HTTP? I mean, while you use a Web
> browser you still need a helper app to give the user a nice
> frontend. What's the difference between this and simply using some
> generic TCP stream like SMTP has been doing for fifteen years now?
> The reason I bring this up is because a lot of network admins have
> been very criticial of the very poor design of the original HTTP and
> the uncontrollable resource requirements of Web browser. Someone is
> bound to ask this question.
> P.S.: While buzzword-compliance does not count as an answer, it
>       certainly is accepted as a design criterium to ensure success of
>       the project ;-)
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> Do we have a write up on this specific issue?  Could you (Roger) try to
> craft an answer for this?  I can't remember if the rational for HTTP is in
> the I-D anywhere.
> Scott

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