IPP> Output Bin Select

IPP> Output Bin Select

IPP> Output Bin Select

Hirotoshi Fujita fujita at yamato.ibm.co.jp
Wed Dec 4 06:26:30 EST 1996

I'm a S/W engineer working on PC components to connect with a networked
copier based on Salutation Architecture. Please let me comment on IPP
to allow for the selection of output bins that I'm using in daily
life with the networked copier. Two operations are needed:
capability identification and selection of output operation.

By the way, I would like to enable the functions. I don't stick to
the Attribute names.

  Printer Attributes

     maximum-output-bins (cardinal)

     print-paper-output-select (1#type?Enum ==> discussion needed)

          standard values:


          "collatedSort" corresponds to "prtOutputPageCollated" of
          "Printer MIB" (RFC 1759)

          "nonCollatedSort" corresponds to "prtOutputDecollating" of
          "Printer MIB" (RFC 1759)

     print-output-page-delivery-orientation (1#type1Enum)

        standard values :

        refer to: "prtOutputPageDeliveryOrientation"
                  specified in "Printer MIB" (RFC 1759)

  Job Attributes

     output-bin-select (cardinal)

     output-select (type ??? Enum ==> discussion needed)

     output-page-delivery-orientation (type1Enum)

Best Regards,

Hirotoshi Fujita, Salutation Project, Software Development
VNET : FUJITA at YMTVM1    Internet : fujita at yamato.ibm.co.jp

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