IPP> PWG Server Available

IPP> PWG Server Available

IPP> PWG Server Available

Jeff Schnitzer jds at underscore.com
Wed Dec 11 17:18:23 EST 1996

The server should now be fully available.

To explain:  Southern New Hampshire experienced a major snow/ice/wind
storm on Saturday night.  A tremendous number of power lines were
damaged by falling trees and tree limbs.  It is taking the local power
company days to restore power.  Our server site experienced a power
outage from Saturday night thru Tuesday.  Our primary Domain Name
Server site is just now back on the net.

We realize the outage could not have come at a worst time, but this
was what insurance companies call an Act of God.

P.S.  I still don't have power at home.  When was the last
      time you have to live for four days or more without
      power, or heat, or water?  :-(

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