IPP> New PWG Mailing Lists & Outage

IPP> New PWG Mailing Lists & Outage

IPP> New PWG Mailing Lists & Outage

Jeff Schnitzer jds at underscore.com
Sun Dec 15 15:35:10 EST 1996

The following PWG mailing lists are now ready for use:

  List Address    Description
  ------------    -----------------------------------------
  pwg at pwg.org     General/administrative PWG information
  ipp at pwg.org     Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) project
  jmp at pwg.org     Job Monitoring MIB (JMP) project
  p1394 at pwg.org   Firewire (IEEE 1394) project
  pmp at pwg.org     Printer MIB/MIF (PMP) project
  sense at pwg.org   SENSE project

To subscribe, send a mail message to 
                          majordomo at pwg.org 
with the following as the body of the message:

    subscribe pwg
    subscribe ipp
    subscribe jmp
    subscribe p1394
    subscribe pmp
    subscribe sense

You may omit any subscription request line (and you should omit
any to which you are already subscribed).

>      Subject:  Forthcoming PWG Server Outage (12/15 12/16)
>         Date:  Wed, 04 Dec 1996 18:27:59 -0500
>         From:  Jeff Schnitzer <jds at underscore.com>
>           To:  pwg at pwg.org, ipp at pwg.org
> Underscore will be moving the machine that provides PWG FTP, mailing
> list and web services to a different ISP (Internet Service Provider).
> We expect an outage of about half a day on Sunday December 15th or
> Monday December 16th.
> The time-to-live/expiration periods in the Domain Name Server database
> has been reduced, so the new address should be picked within a few
> hours of the changeover.  In case of a delayed propagation of the
> change, you might be able to reach the machine by using the new
> numerical IP address explicitly.
> The new IP address of the PWG server will be
> The names remain the same: pwg.org, ftp.pwg.org and www.pwg.org

We will send mail to the list(s) when the server is back in service.


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