IPP> Prosed Agenda for IPP Telephone Conference on December

IPP> Prosed Agenda for IPP Telephone Conference on December

IPP> Prosed Agenda for IPP Telephone Conference on December

rdebry at us.ibm.com rdebry at us.ibm.com
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I would like to be sure that we make some work assignments for the Albuquerque
meeting in order to make the meeting as productive as possible.  If we agree on
some of the sub-grouping suggested by Carl-Uno then each subgroup ought to be
prepared to present some work product.  I think it is important to maintain the
momentum that we have.  Some things that I'd like to see on the agenda for
Albuquerque include:

1) A proposal for MIME type encoding. I have been thinking about this and would
be willing to draft a proposal for discussion.

2) A proposal for HTTP mapping. I would also be willing to do this -- I think
once the MIME encoding is done, this is pretty straightforward.

3) If Babek can come to the meeting, I'd like to hear Microsoft's views on the
proposal. I think Microsoft's help is absolutely required to address the driver

4) I'd like to discuss prototyping efforts and what we can do to help each
other.  We now have a protoype working that interfaces to PSM, so we can share
some of our experiences.  If you-all think that this will be an important
topic, I'll ask Steve Gebert to come to the meeting with me.

I will not be able to make the conference call on wednesday becuase of a
personal commitment. Everyone have a safe and happy Holiday and I'll be seeing
you all in January.
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Subject: IPP> Prosed Agenda for IPP Telephone Conference on December

Proposed Agenda for December 18

1) Air our impressions from the BOF. (see Don's minutes, which are already

2) Discuss how to proceed, e.g. do we split up the work in IETF vs. PWG parts?

3) Agree on the new split, including which documents that we plan to
develop for the IETF.  What should go into the revised IETF IPP charter?

4) Try to divide the project up into reasonable subgroups, e.g. MIME
definition, Attributes, Directory, Security, HTTP mapping, Prototyping,
etc. and to try to identify a "worrier" for each subgroup.

5) Discuss options for using HTTP.

6) Scenarios. This could be an extension to our Requirements document. Who
is willing to participate?

7) What about print drivers? Do we need to develop a new solution?

8) Discuss agenda for next IPP meeting in Albuquerque.

Comments on the Agenda?


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