Don Wright don at lexmark.com
Tue Dec 17 17:11:52 EST 1996

Here's the list of people who have pinged me.  In the
chart "A" is arrival day, "D" is departure day.
Meeting names are obvious.

Please let me know if I have missed someone.  If you
haven't pinged me yet.  Please do so ASAP.  Deadline
for reservations is Dec 27th.


Name               1/5/96       1/6/96 1/7/96 1/8/96 1/9/96 1/10/96 1/11/96
                              Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Lewis, Harry   A PWG PWG PWG-D 
Copeland, Jeff       
Spaulding, Lance A .4 .4-D    
Warner, Andy A .4 .4-D    
Bergman, Ron   A PWG PWG PWG D
Scheiderich, Walt  A-.4 .4-D    
Kellerman, Dave    A-PWG PWG PWG-D 
Myran, Mark   A .3 .3-D  
Setterbo, Bob   A PWG PWG PWG-D 
Carter, Keith   A PWG PWG-D  
Herriott, Bob    A PWG-D  
Pentecost, Bob   A PWG PWG PWG-D 
Caruso, Angelo   A PWG PWG PWG-D 
Yuki, Atsushi  A-.4 .4 PWG PWG PWG-D 
Stein, Larry Sat .4 .4 .3 .3-D  
Morita, Tetsuya    A PWG PWG-D 
Batchelder, Brian A .4 .4 .3 .3-D  
Walker, Jim   A PWG PWG-D  
Niwa, Yuichi    A PWG PWG-D 
Stanley, Bill Sat .4 .4 .3 .3-D  
Young, Lloyd     A PWG D
Manros, Carl-Uno    A PWG D 
Rowley, Stuart   A PWG PWG PWG-D 
Martin, JK   A PWG PWG PWG D
Zehler, Peter   A PWG PWG PWG-D 
Hirata, Osamu A .4 .4 PWG PWG PWG-D 
Hastings, Tom   A PWG PWG PWG-D 
Debry, Roger    A-PWG PWG D 
Yamamuro, Satoshi   A PWG PWG PWG-D 



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