IPP> Printer Instance Creation/Installation - hassle

IPP> Printer Instance Creation/Installation - hassle

IPP> Printer Instance Creation/Installation - hassle

geoff geoff at paypc.com
Wed Dec 18 17:53:39 EST 1996

Sounds sensible.  Just remember the target population of web users.  I
would put driver installation easiness high on the list, or perhaps insist
that for an OS to claim IPP compliance it needs have this automatically
installed or something similar. Postscript would be easy (PDF only), but
some other PDLs would be ugly....

What about a standard os IPP socket/API and drivers that comply with this ?
Ideally it should, at the most, have a browser plug in that auto downloads
and installs in a given folder or directory.  But - it MUST be simple
enough for a child to use

I fear greatly when I hear hardware and netware engineers casually
absolving themselves from the actual, real life user experience which is
what will make or break IPP as a useful thing or yet another piece of

Start at the front an work backwards- I know this is radical and opposite
to what is happening, but is it so unreasonable ?

geoff slater

At 11:09 AM 18/12/96, Babak Jahromi wrote:
>>This is not to say that easy installation of drivers is not an
>>issue, it just shouldn't be OUR issue, at least initially.
>>Besides, when you are talking about drivers you are probably
>>undoubtedly talking about the Windows/Win95/Winnt environment,
>>and I think that IPP should address more than solving the problem
>>of internet printing within Microsoft environments.
>Correct, the solution should be generic, but one that allows easy
>integration to popular platforms that most IPP members would have to
>deal with anyway. Win32 is obviously one of these popular platforms.

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