IPP> Albuquerque RSCPs

IPP> Albuquerque RSCPs

IPP> Albuquerque RSCPs

Don Wright don at lexmark.com
Fri Dec 20 15:08:32 EST 1996

Here's the current list.  Looks like a good .4 and PWG
turn-out.  December 27th is the last day for reservations.
Attendees with no PING to me by Dec 27th will be charged an 
extra $10 per meeting day for the meeting room, etc. to cover
the cost of the last minute changes to the hotel setup.



Name                1/5   1/6   1/7   1/8    1/9    1/10  1/11
                    Sun   Mon   Tues  Wed    Thur   Fri   Sat
Adams, Chuck                          A-PWG  PWG    PWG-D
Batchelder, Brian   A     .4    .4    .3     .3-D
Bergman, Ron                    A     PWG    PWG    PWG   D
Carter, Keith                   A     PWG    PWG-D
Caruso, Angelo                  A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Copeland, Jeff                  A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Debry, Roger                          A-PWG  PWG    D
Dozier, Mabry                   A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Farrell, Lee        A     .4    .4    PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Hastings, Tom                   A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Herriott, Bob                         A      PWG-D
Hirata, Osamu       A     .4    .4    PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Isaacson, Scott                 A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Kellerman, Dave                       A-PWG  PWG    PWG-D
LeClair, Greg       A     .4    .4    PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Lewis, Harry                    A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Lindemuth, Paul     A     .4    .4-D
Manros, Carl-Uno                      A      PWG    D
Martin, JK                      A     PWG    PWG    PWG   D
McComiskie, Bob     A     .4    .4-D
Morita, Tetsuya                       A      PWG    PWG-D
Myran, Mark                     A     .3     .3-D
Nagasaka, Fumio     A     .4    .4    PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Niwa, Yuichi                          A      PWG    PWG-D
Pentecost, Bob                  A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Rowley, Stuart                  A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Scheiderich, Walt         A-.4  .4-D
Setterbo, Bob                   A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Spaulding, Lance    A     .4    .4-D
Stanley, Bill       Sat   .4    .4    .3     .3-D
Stein, Larry        Sat   .4    .4    .3     .3-D
Wagner, Bill        A     .4    .4    PWG    PWG    PWG   D
Walker, Jim                     A     PWG    PWG-D
Warner, Andy        A     .4    .4-D
Wellens, Chris                  A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Wright, Don         A     .4    .4    PWG    PWG    D
Yamamuro, Satoshi               A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Young, Lloyd                    A     PWG    PWG    PWG   D
Yuki, Atsushi             A-.4  .4    PWG    PWG    PWG-D
Zehler, Peter                   A     PWG    PWG    PWG-D

.3                                     4      4
.4                         14   14    
PWG                                    27     31     25

* Don Wright (don at lexmark.com)        Lexmark International *
* Manager                               Strategic Alliances *
* 740 New Circle Rd                     Phone: 606-232-4808 *
* Lexington, KY  40511                    Fax: 606-232-6740 *

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