IPP> [Fwd: keeping the LDAP survey current]

IPP> [Fwd: keeping the LDAP survey current]

IPP> [Fwd: keeping the LDAP survey current]

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Sat Dec 21 03:45:48 EST 1996

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Boy, it's a shame no one told these companies that the IETF frowns
on LDAP...  ;-)

That *is* what was pointed out in the last IPP telecon, that the
IETF has taken a dim view to supporting LDAP?  Or did I hear that

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Subject: keeping the LDAP survey current
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Earlier this year we put together a survey of organizations which were 
developing LDAP products, and of the specific LDAP protocol features which 
they were implementing.  This can be browsed at 


Recently I've seen a number of new announcements of support for LDAP, at 
trade shows and on Web pages.  So that this resource can be kept current, if 
your organization has or is currently developing an LDAP-capable application, 
and is NOT listed, please let me know.

(Note that not all organizations listed below are developers.)

(As of December 20, 1996)

   * Andrew Corporation
   * Apple Computer, Inc.
   * Banyan Systems Inc
   * Boldon James Limited
   * Booz Allen and Hamilton
   * Brunel University
   * Caldera, Inc
   * CE Software, Inc.
   * CheckPoint Software Ltd.
   * Chromatix Inc.
   * Connector GmbH
   * Control Data Systems, Inc.
   * Corel Corporation
   * Critical Angle Inc.
   * Cycle Software, Inc.
   * Data Connection Ltd.
   * Datacraft, Inc.
   * DHL Systems, Inc.
   * Digital Equipment Corporation
   * Enterprise Solutions Ltd
   * The Esys Corporation
   * Frontier Technologies Corp.
   * GE Information Services
   * Global Communications Ltd
   * Groupe Bull
   * Hewlett Packard Company
   * HotWire Data Security, Inc., Cyclomedia
   * Fujitsu, TeamWARE Group, ICL
   * IBM, Lotus Development Corporation, Softswitch
   * Infonet Software Solutions, Inc.
   * Innosoft International, Inc.
   * InterResearch and Development Group
   * Isode Ltd
   * Kwan Software Research Ltd
   * Lucent Technologies
   * Marben Products, Inc.
   * MaXware A/S
   * Microsoft Corp.
   * Milkyway Networks Corporation
   * NASA
   * NCR Corporation
   * Netscape Communications Corp.
   * Nexor Ltd
   * NorTel Secure Networks
   * Novell, Inc
   * Novera Software, Inc
   * Precise Software Solutions
   * Rede da Comunidade Cientifica Nacional
   * Rapport Communication
   * Santa Cruz Operation
   * Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG
   * Software and Systems Engineering Limited
   * Strata Software Limited
   * SunSoft
   * Tandem Computers Incorporated
   * T.U. Chemnitz (Frank Richter)
   * Umea University Computing Centre
   * U.S. Navy
   * Unisys Corp.
   * University of Bath
   * University of Brussels
   * University of Michigan
   * V-ONE Corporation
   * Wingra Technologies Incorporated
   * Worldtalk Corporation
   * Xcert Software Inc.
   * Xco Systems Kft.
   * Zoomit Corporation

This will help users deploying LDAP-capable directories become aware of the 
range of applications which are available for their environment.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Wahl, Enterprise Directory Integration
Critical Angle Incorporated


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