IPP> Revised Charter Text for IPP

IPP> Revised Charter Text for IPP

IPP> Revised Charter Text for IPP

Raymond Lutz raylutz at cognisys.com
Fri Dec 27 21:48:56 EST 1996

I wasn't proposing that they be combined. However, I contend that there is
significant overlap and that the split should be handled differently.
Perhaps this will occur as a result of natural consequences. The
communities are heavily overlapped, and in fact, I predict that the
scan-here/print-there paradigm will be the one used in the future for
internet "fax". On the other hand, interworking with the installed based of
fax devices is certainly a topic that is of little concern with the ipp group.

I think if we set up some "design rules" we can insure that the results of
the two groups will at least gracefully interoperate. If all interaction is
handled as MIME objects, then these should also be transportable via SMTP
and "IPP". Would the message disposition notice (MDN) appropriate for
details of the success of the print job submission via IPP? If so, then
this is easily ported to the SMTP world.

I agree with your point about narrow charters.

At 02:00 PM 12/27/96 -0500, Keith Moore wrote:
>I have strong objections to combining the printer and fax groups.
>They're not similar enough to warrant putting the two in one group.
>A single protocol that tried to solve the needs of both communities
>would likely be a huge mess.
>Besides, groups with narrow charters are far more likely to succeed.

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