IPP> Roster from San Jose

IPP> Roster from San Jose

IPP> Roster from San Jose

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Jan 2 16:46:08 EST 1997

Hi all and a Happy New Year,

I am back in the office again and trying to catch up on a number of things
that were left hanging from before Christmas.

Please find below the roster list from our San Jose BOF meeting.

I have tried to type it up from the handwritten list that was circulated.

Note that I had quite a few problems with some of the hand writing, so the
is bound to contain a number of errors. If you know about corrections,
please let me know so I can fix it.

Although not in the handwritten list, I have added the participants
organization either because I knew them from before, or that they were
reasonably easily deductable from the e-mail addresses.

Reading trough the list, it occurred to me that there were quite a few
Japanese participants, perhaps not too surprising.


IETF Working Group Roster

Working Group Session: Internet Printing Protocol

Chairperson: Carl-Uno Manros    manros at cp10.es.xerox.com

Jean-Francois Abraham?, W3C     jfa at w3.org
Eiichi Adachi, Ricoh            adachi at cs.ricoh.co.jp
Harald T. Alvestrand, Area Dir. harald.t.alvestrand at uninett.no
Alain Au, AMCO                  alainau at amco.com
Ed Bailey, IBM                  bart at vnet.ibm.com
Denis Bigorgne, SEPT            bigorgne at sept.fr  
Alex Bochannek, Cisco           abochannek at cisco.com
Nitin Borwankar                 nitin at borwankar.com
Carl Caram, Netscape            carl at netscape.com
Steve Carter, Novell            srcarter at novell.com
Robert Chansler, Adobe          chansler at adobe.com
Roger DeBry, IBM                debry at vnet.ibm.com
Jeffrey Copland, QMS            jeff at rd.qms.com
Dave Crocker, Brandenburg Cons. dcrocker at brandenburg.com
Mabry Dozier, QMS               mabry at rd.qms.com
John Dreyer, Sun                jdreyer at easat.sun.com 
Asad Faizi, Netscape            asad at netscape.com
Lee Farell, Canon               lfarrell at cissc.canon.com
Roger Fajman, US Gov.           raf at cu.nih.gov
Ned Freed, Innosoft             ned at innosoft.com
Gary Frogner, CTC               frogner at ctc.com
Fruitbat                        fruitbat at highstreet.com
Todashi Hashimoto, Canon        hashimoto at xpc.canon.co.jp
Tom Hastings, Xerox             hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Takeshi Hayashi, Canon          hayashi at the.canon.co.jp
Robert Herriot, Sun             robert_herriot at sun.com
Stephen Holmstead, HP           stephen_holmstead at hp.com
Peter Hornby, Unisys            peter.hornby at mv.unisys.com
Takahito Inoue, Japan Gov.      inoue at iiij.ad.jp
Scott Isaacson, Novell          scott_isaacson at novell.com
Norm Jacobs, Sun                norm.jacobs at central.sun.com
HyukSoo Jang                    jang-h at wh.myongjji.ac.kr
Del Jensen, Novell              dcjensen at novell.com
Mark G Jensen, NASA             jensen at nsipo.arc.nasa.gov
Juerg von Kaenel, IBM           jvk at watson.ibm.com
Hiroyaki Kajiura, Sharp         kaziura at iml.mkhar.sharp.co.jp
John Klensin, MCI               klensin at mci.net
Ed King, Boeing                 cek at atc.boeing.com
Keith Lamond, BTNA              keith at reston.btna.com
Henk Langeveld, Sun             henk.langeveld at sun.com
Don LaVange, Novell             dlavange at novell.com
Raymond Lutz, Cognisys          raylutz at cognisys.com
Jay Martin, Underscore          jmk at underscore.com
Larry Masinter, Xerox           masinter at parc.xerox.com
Jun Matsukata                   jm at rd.nacsis.ac.jp
John McGarvey, IBM              mcgarvey at vnet.ibm.com
Keith Moore, Area Director      moore at cs.utk.edu
Robert Moskowitz, Chrysler      rgm3 at chrysler.com
Yasunori Motonaga, KDD          ya-motonaga at kdd.co.jp
Mark Needlemor                  mhnedl at ucsp.edu
Dan Newman, Innosoft            dan at innosoft.com
Dave Ogle, IBM                  ogle at vnet.ibm.com
Michael Ottati, Tandem          ottati_michael at tandem.com
Jacob Palme, Stockholm Univ.    jpalme at psv.su.se
GlennParsons, Nortel            glenn.parsons at nortel.ca      
Wendy Philips, Sun              wendy at eng.sun.com
James Rafferty                  71043.1114 at compuserve.com
Pete Resnick, Qualcomm          presnick at qualcomm.com
Mart Roomus, Axis               mart.roomus at axis.com
Casey Shida, Canon              cshida at cismc.canon.com
Yoshihiro Shimazu, Japan Gov.   shimazu at iiij.ad.jp
Herman Silbiger                 hsilbiger at exit109.com
Ellen Stokes, IBM               stokesa at austin.ibm.com
Makoto Tanaka, Ricoh            ptanaka at iod.ricoh.co.jp
?? Tavs, IBM                    tavs@??.ibm.com
Kai Tesink, Bellcore            kaj at bellcore.com
Mark Towfiq, Sun                towfiq at east.sun.com
Bob Van Andel, Allegrosoft      bva at allegrosoft.com
William A. Wagner               wwagner at digprod.com
Sam Weilen                      srw at cnu.edu
Mark B. Whipple, Octel          mark.whipple at ons.octel.com
Jim Whitehead, UC Irvine        ejwe at ics.uci.edu
Rob Whittle, Novell             rwhittle at novell.com
Don Wright, Lexmark             don at lexmark.com
Charles Wu, Xerox               cwu at es.xerox.com
Nagatsugu Yamanouchi, IBM       yamanouc at trl.ibm.co.jp
Atsushi Yuki                    yuki at kei-ca.cemail.compuserve.com
Shirley Xu, Okidata             sxu at okidata.com
Stefek Zabo, HP                 stefek_zabo at hp.com
Steve Zilles, Adobe             szilles at adobe.com

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