IPP> Proposed Summary of IPP Feature Set

IPP> Proposed Summary of IPP Feature Set

IPP> Proposed Summary of IPP Feature Set

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Fri Jan 3 15:50:00 EST 1997


Well, I'm getting more and more confused everyday about the scope of
the IPP initiative.  Based on the responses from Carl-Uno and Peter
Zehler, it looks like we're all over the map with respect to the
breadth and depth of the functionality.

I had hoped to submit a draft outline of scenarios by now.  Unfortunately,
due to the holiday season (I guess), not many people have responded
to my earlier posting on this topic.  I really needed feedback, and
the feedback I got just confused me even more.

I am really sorry, but I don't see a good starting point for the
scenarios right now.  I think the group needs to really flesh out
the project scope some more before we launch into scenario development.

Just my $0.02 right now, but from where I sit, I'm expecting someone
to suggest adding "World Peace" to the IPP list of functionality...  ;-)

I'm all for satisfying customer needs, but there are only so many
hours in a day (and only so much digestable rationale for amortizing
engineering costs...).

I'm going to step back from spearheading the Scenarios effort and
let someone else have a hack at it.


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