IPP> IPP and OMG PF coordination.

IPP> IPP and OMG PF coordination.

IPP> IPP and OMG PF coordination.

paul murray pmurray at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Jan 7 14:46:37 EST 1997


There has been some questions about how to go about coordinating the OMG RFP6 effort and the IETF IPP effort. In order to kick this discussion off. I will begin from the assumption that these two things should, a-priori, be coordinated. The four tidbits of information that I have obtained from the IPP folks are that they are:

        1. Assume ISO DPA 2M level conformance for attributes ( as is the current OMG RFP resp.).
        2. Have been asked (by IETF area coordinators) to provide MIME 
           (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) wrappers for job attributes/docs.
        3. Have been asked (by IETF area coordinators) to consider using a simple tcp/ip 
           based protocol of their own from a transport.
        4. Believe ( at least the majority of the working group members ) that they
           should use HTTP as the transport protocol.

 (You IPP folks that are on the CC list please correct the above if I seem to be full of Squash and Zucchini!)

        I propose the following:

        1. Change our design for the "Job Specifier" to include a MIME based wrapper
        2. Maintain CORBA as the control protocol and design our own (simple) data transfer protocol
        3. Launch the data transfer protocol based on MIME info.
        4. Maintain tight coordination with the DPA 2M level work being done with IPP and use it
           as the basis of our first job exec. module.
        5. Integrate the IPP control protocol (when they decide on a transport) as a gateway.


                                                Paul Murray     

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