IPP> more on IPP and OMG PF coordination.

IPP> more on IPP and OMG PF coordination.

IPP> more on IPP and OMG PF coordination.

paul murray pmurray at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Jan 7 22:36:29 EST 1997

>As far as I know, the IPP schedule remains the same, ie, the first draft
>should be done by the summer of 1997.  Is your schedule much more aggressive
>than that such that you don't think the OMG can wait for the IPP results?

The OMG final submission is due in April this year.
We have actually already issued the initial submission.

Just to catch up on the conversation here, could someone fill me in on

        1. What have the IPP folk been thinking of doing for implementing
           asynchronous print server error messages through HTTP? 
           (Assuming that you use HTTP)

        2. Is the IPP protocol being designed as a simple client-to-server
           protocol. Will print server to print server communications issues
           be considered later as a separate standard.

        3. Taking ... say the windows 95 environment as an example, where 
           would the IPP protocol be positioned? How about in Unix.

        4. What are the thoughts as to local spooling before submission
           (responding to server down errors etc.) 

        5. Has there been any discussion of doing print pre-presentation
           (like print preview)


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