IPP> Re: PWG/IPP meeting tomorrow

IPP> Re: PWG/IPP meeting tomorrow

IPP> Re: PWG/IPP meeting tomorrow

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Jan 8 14:20:59 EST 1997


I would be very happy to have you attend. I will be leaving for NM in less
then an hour, and I still have some problems to connect to my mailbox from
on the road so I may not know if you send me further email (you can send to
hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com as Tom Hastings seems to be more lucky with his
portable set-up). Alternatively you can leave me voice mail on (310) 333 8273.

I hope that you have been able to pick up the meeting details from the DL
or the archive. We will be at the:

Marriott Albuquerque
2101 Lousiana Blvd
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Phone (505) 881 6800
Fax:  (505) 888 2982 

The meeting will run from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, maybe a bit later if needed.
I will be there about 7 pm tonight.

Best regards,


At 09:43 AM 1/8/97 PST, you wrote:
>If I can find travel money, I'm willing to come to the meeting tomorrow
>to discuss IPP work within the IETF.  Would this be useful?
>(I should know about the money in an hour or so...)
>Keith Moore
>Applications Area co-Director
>(sorry about the late notice)

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