IPP> From Carl-Uno Manros: Proposed Charter Text - Again

IPP> From Carl-Uno Manros: Proposed Charter Text - Again

IPP> From Carl-Uno Manros: Proposed Charter Text - Again

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Jan 14 09:35:49 EST 1997

Harald and Keith,

here is our latest attempt at drafting a new text for the IPP project.

It got a bit longer again, but I now believe that all essential information
is there.  If you want to cross something out, please suggest what.

This text was drafted in our PWG meeting last week, which Keith also attended.

Best regards,

Carl-Uno Manros

(sent from Tom Hasting's mailbox)

(DRAFT 1/9/97)

Charter - IETF Internet Printing Protocol (ipp) WG

        Carl-Uno Manros   <manros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Applications Area Director(s): 
        Keith Moore        <moore at cs.utk.edu>
        Harald Alvestrand  <Harald.T.Alvestrand at uninett.no>
Area Advisor:

Mailing List Information:
        General Discussion: <ipp at pwg.org>
        To Subscribe:       <ipp-request at pwg.org>
        Archive:            ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/

        Scott Isaacson      <scott_isaacson at novell.com>
	Robert Herriot      <robert.herriot at eng.sun.com>
        Don Wright          <don at lexmark.com>
Description of Working Group:

There is currently no universal standard for printing. Several protocols 
are in use, but each has limited applicability and none can be considered
the prevalent one.  This means that printer vendors have to implement
and support a number of different protocols and protocol variants.
There is a need to define a protocol which can cover the most common
situations for printing on the Internet.

The goal of this working group is to develop requirements for Internet 
Printing and to describe a model and semantics for Internet Printing.

The further goal is to define a new application level Internet 
Printing Protocol for the following core functions:

- for a user to find out about a printer's capabilities
- for a user to submit print jobs to a printer
- for a user to find out the status of a printer or a print job
- for a user to cancel a previously submitted job

The Internet Print Protocol is a client-server type protocol which 
should allow the server side to be either a separate print server or a 
printer with embedded networking capabilities. The focus of this effort
is optimized for printers, but might be applied to other output devices.
These are outside the scope of this working group.

The working group will also define a set of directory attributes that 
can be used to ease finding printers on the network.

Other capabilities that will be examined for future versions include:

- security features for authentication, authorization, and policies
- notifications from the server to the client
- accounting

Subjects currently out of scope for this working group are:

- property rights
- fax input
- scanning 

The working group shall strive to coordinate its activities with other 
printing-related standards bodies, without the need to be strictly bound
by their standards definitions. These groups are:

- ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 18/WG 4 on Document Printing Application (ISO/IEC 10175
parts 1 - 3)
- The Object Management Group (OMG) on OMG Printing Facility (in development)
- IEEE (POSIX System Administration - Part 4: Printing Interfaces)
- X/Open (Printing Systems Interoperabilty Specification)
- The Printer Working Group

Deliverables and Milestones:

Done -          Mailing list and archive

Done -          Submit first set of Internet-Drafts
Done -          BOF in IETF meeting in San Jose, CA, USA

March 1997 -    Submit Internet-Drafts

April 1997 -    Review of specification in IETF meeting in Memphis, TN, USA

May 1997 -      At least 2 implemented prototypes

May 1997 -      Submit documents to the IESG for Proposed Standard

Current Internet-Drafts:

   IPP-requirements: <draft-wright-ipp-req-01-txt>
   IPP-draft:        <draft-isaacson-ipp-inf0-00.txt>

Planned RFCs:

   Internet Printing Protocol: Requirements and Scenarios (Informational)
      Editor:  Don Wright
   Internet Printing Protoco/1.0: Model and Semantics (Standards Track)
      Editor:  Scott Isaacson
   Internet Printing Protoco/1.0: Protocol (Standards Track)
      Editor:  Robert Herriot
   Internet Printing Protoco/1.0: Directory Schema (Standards Track)
      Editor:  Scott Isaacson

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