IPP> Agenda for February Meeting ?

IPP> Agenda for February Meeting ?

IPP> Agenda for February Meeting ?

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Jan 17 15:12:18 EST 1997

At 11:45 AM 1/17/97 PST, you wrote:
>Other than the fact that we do have a time and a place for the February
>meeting, I have not seen any kind of agenda.  Have I just missed it?
>For those of us trying to go ahead and make travel plans, do we have an
>idea yet as to what's happening Thursday (2/6) and Friday (2/7).
>Jim Walker <walker at dazel.com>
>System Architect/DAZEL Wizard
>DAZEL Corporation, Austin, TX


I was not planning to send out a more detailed Agenda until closer to the
meeting, but this is what I know about just now:

We will have all day on February 6 for IPP. I assume that this means from
8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

We will need to reach "final" agreements on the Scenario & Requirements

We will need to review and be pretty close to agreements on the Model &
Semantics document (making sure it is aligned with the Scenario &

We will have Microsoft and HP giving us more details about their approach
and discuss to what extent that can fit together with our IPP solutions so

There is also likely to be further talks about directory support and the
transfer protocol. 

Hope this helps you with your travel planning.


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