IPP> IPP Requirements Scenarios

IPP> IPP Requirements Scenarios

IPP> IPP Requirements Scenarios

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on January 17th Bob Herriot Wrote:
>With regard to the conversation below, I have assumed that "more than
>one request" refers to sending more than one document in a print
>request.  I did not think that it referred to sending multiple operations
>in a transmission. Though perhaps, this concept slid in when we
>discussed having a "getAttributes" operation accompanying a "printJob"
>operation in order to specify attributes to be in the result.  I think that
>we should not allow a transaction to have multiple operations.

Bob, the operation I was trying to illustrate in the sceanrio is exactly the
getAttributes operation accompanying a PrintJob operation, which I thought
we had agreed upon. Are you now saying we should not do this???

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