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IPP> ADM - IPP in the news

IPP> ADM - IPP in the news

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Jan 20 14:03:42 EST 1997

Please find attached the following newscast that was written after a 
phone call to me about two weeks ago.


This ran in Computergram and Online Reporter. It may have also been
picked up by other APT publications.



A new Internet printing standard, the IPP Internet Printing 
Protocol that would let users manage print jobs across TCP/IP 
networks is gathering support at the Internet Engineering Task 
Force. The protocol, which is being developed by companies such 
as Xerox Corp, IBM Corp, Novell Inc and Sun Microsystems Inc, 
will define simple printing instructions, like how to print a 
page, inquire on the status of a print job, or how to delete an 
item from the printer queue. If the protocol comes together, 
intranet users could more easily go to TCP/IP for print 
services, and other companies could set up Internet fax 
services where print jobs could be sent to Universal Resource 
Locators over the Internet at a fraction of today's fax rates. 
Carl-Uno Manros, an engineer with Xerox who is working on the 
protocol, says he expects the IPP working group to have an 
intermediate draft ready by the next Task Force meeting in 
April, with a formal Request for Comments finished by June. 
More advanced printing features, like pausing or redirecting 
print jobs would follow. Manros says he would like to see the 
protocol supported on web browsers by year's end, most likely 
as a feature of the HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol. Microsoft 
Corp has apparently become more involved in IPP of late and 
Netscape Communications Corp is also beginning to show an 
interest. But the key stumbling block at this time seems to be 
what kind of security mechanism to use with the protocol. The 
working group has not decided how it will manage security or 
authentication with IPP, though Manros claims that several 
possibilities are being considered.

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