IPP> ADM - Agenda for Telephone Conference Jan 22

IPP> ADM - Agenda for Telephone Conference Jan 22

IPP> ADM - Agenda for Telephone Conference Jan 22

Carl-Uno Manros manros at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 21 01:30:20 EST 1997

Hi all,

I suggest the following topics for our Agenda discussions on Wednesday:

1) Report about the scenario work which seems to progress well.
   Are we close to agreements about the scope for the scenarios?

2) What is happeninmg on Model & Semantics?
   Very quiet on the DL about this since last IPP meeting.

3) Is anybody still working on clarifying potential issues with MIME?

4) Has anybody started up any prototyping to verify potential HTTP obstacles?

5) Any progress on security?
   I think not, as this a group that I am involved in. We are still trying to
   get the right security guys available at the same time.

6) Any work started on the directory content definitions?

7) Updated issues list?

8) Plans for our IPP Web pages.

As you can see, there are more question marks then there is noticable progress,
except for the scenario work which seems to move forward well. I hope that
we are close 
to closure on the scenario discussions, which means that we can then
progress with
the remaining tasks based on a common understanding what we are trying to
I have still not got any feedback from the Area Directors on the latest
Charter draft (which is now available also in the IPP archive).

For those of you who are currently documenting stuff, please try to post
new that you have written down tomorrow, so that we can use it as basis for
the Wednesday 

See you on the phone on Wednesday,


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