IPP> MOD - Model group telecon -Reply

IPP> MOD - Model group telecon -Reply

IPP> MOD - Model group telecon -Reply

Scott A. Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Tue Jan 21 11:32:43 EST 1997


You asked:
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>>> <KCARTER at VNET.IBM.COM> 01/21/97 08:09am >>>
>  2.  Can someone please describe the meaning of "xxx-select vs.
>   xxx-supported"?

This terminology comes from any of the DPA attributes.  A job object may
have an attribute called:  media-select.  This attribute's value indicates to
the Printer, what media to use for this job.  This attribute better have
some relationship with Printer object attribute called: media-supported. 
We have many attributes already defined for IPP like this, however they
are not called xxx-select or xxx-supported, but that is what they mean. 
Tom H has a proposal to do away with BOTH attributes and just come up
with ONE for each pair.  The syntax might be different depending on
whether it is in a Job object or  Printer object, but the attribute name is the
same and the values from the same domain.


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