IPP> PRO,MOD> User model for clients

IPP> PRO,MOD> User model for clients

IPP> PRO,MOD> User model for clients

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Wed Jan 29 14:12:06 EST 1997

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---------------------- Forwarded by Roger K Debry/Boulder/IBM on 01/29/97 11:23
AM ---------------------------
Bill Wagner wrote:

1. Browsing for status using a standard IP browser is done now, by DPI
(http server in the NIC) as well as Lexmark and others. If the spec
says that "all" interaction is done via POST, I think that is an error
in the spec; that is neither reasonable nor workable.

RKD> If we decide to use HTTP, than I believe that the only
RKD> reasonable and workable solution for IPP protocol operations
RKD> is to use POST. You may have existing schemes to browse
RKD> for status, but that's outside of IPP.

Printing is a different question. It seems particularly cumbersome
to use a browser to submit print jobs (print to file using the
appropriate driver, and then transfer the file using the browser??)

RKD> I would hope there is no argument on this!

Then, the question might be, once you have loaded a redirector, why
continue to use HTTP for job delivery?

RKD> One might also ask "Why not!

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