IPP> PRO,MOD> User model for clients

IPP> PRO,MOD> User model for clients

IPP> PRO,MOD> User model for clients

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Thu Jan 30 02:40:24 EST 1997


The scenarios and suppositions you've proposed are quite interesting.
One question:

> Let's suppose that job setup for printing consists of
>    a) get the form for this virtual printer
>       Unless you say otherwise, the form you get is
>       a simple form. (forms can be cached, getting
>       the form for a virtual printer seems like it fits HTTP).
>    b) assume that ONE of the parameters of the form is
>       the "file-to-be-printed".
> Then "submit print job" consists of "fill out form" and then "submit
> form" (send the form data to the address given by the Action).

If the user is supposed to enter the file (path) of the file (or files)
to be printed, how would you imagine the server would acquire the file

In the case of a URL (ie, the file is accessible via the local server's
Web filesystem "view"), then it would seem obvious that the remote
server can just do a Get on the file.

But what if the file is not within the view of the local server?

Even more difficult, what if the client (local) system is not running
a server?

Perhaps I missed something in your descriptions?


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