IPP> transaction-based HTTP

IPP> transaction-based HTTP

IPP> transaction-based HTTP

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Fri Jan 31 10:39:54 EST 1997

Larry Masinter wrote:

> Do any of the scenarios talk about the case of "50 simultaneous print
> job attempts on a printer than can't buffer?". You'd probably like to
> find out about capabilities and status (and even wait for availablity)
> even from limited memory machines.

A more likely scenario is "100 simultaneous requests for printer and/or
job status".  If the world persists in assuming that the printer itself
is the place for every individual to seek the status of the printer,
then printer manufacturers will always have to worry about these kinds
of scaling issues.

This scenario is one of the primary motivations for the SENSE project,
along with reliable delivery of event information.


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