IPP> I-D ACTION:draft-lutz-print-types-00.txt

IPP> I-D ACTION:draft-lutz-print-types-00.txt

IPP> I-D ACTION:draft-lutz-print-types-00.txt

Harald.T.Alvestrand at uninett.no Harald.T.Alvestrand at uninett.no
Mon Feb 3 18:06:54 EST 1997

Late response:
you should probably reformat this document to deal with the new registry
routines in RFC 2048 - MIME registration procedures.

The common segmentation done in that document is
application/vnd.hp.pcl - but you might want to think more about that;
there is no strict rule.

Better be careful when using existing types, too; for instance,
the line

   langCCITT      26          image/g3fax

may get you in deep trouble, since the encapsulation for fax is
specified in a certain way in the defining document for image/g3fax,
and may be quite different elsewhere.

The registration for the other non-vnd types should probably be fleshed
out with enough info that people can tell what it's about; this concerns

  text/iso6429 (this is just a control character set, I think!)
  application/iso10180 (application/vnd.iso.spdl? :-)
  application/dec-ln03 (did you just forget vnd.?)

Security sections are also Real Fun Stuff; if vnd.ibm-modca is the
one I vaguely remember (IBM Modifiable content for Document Content 
Architecture), it was quite capable of doing really strange stuff,
including grabbing pieces out of its environment and mangling them
before printing (even though I *think* it wasn't supposed to execute them)

Have fun!

              Harald A

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