IPP> MOD - new version 1.2

IPP> MOD - new version 1.2

IPP> MOD - new version 1.2

Robert Herriot Robert.Herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Feb 13 21:55:40 EST 1997

I have just downloaded the new version. The documents are

The revision are against 1.0, though the ones since 1.1 are in a different
color.  If you have MS Word you can uses the revision tool to produce
a diff of the two files.

The main things to look for:

   the table of contents reflects the document, so it is a good place
     to see the attribute organization.

   some changes in the operations area.
   a few new comments on adornments.

   attributes rearranged and grouped according to previous discussions.

   I forgot to put in an issue for printer-state which Tom and I discussed
   but did not reach resolution.


Bob Herriot

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