IPP> Minutes from IPP teleconference 2/19/97

IPP> Minutes from IPP teleconference 2/19/97

IPP> Minutes from IPP teleconference 2/19/97

Randy Turner rturner at sharplabs.com
Wed Feb 19 21:03:39 EST 1997

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The following are meeting minutes from the IPP teleconference
on Wed. 2/19/97

Meeting duration 1:00 PM PST to 3:10 PST

Since I got to the meeting 10 minutes late, Scott may want to 
add any comments to these minutes that happened during the first
few minutes of the teleconference.

The bulk of the meeting covered open issues with the Scenarios/
Requirements subgroup, as well as the Model subgroup. The
issues covered in each subgroup and the new status of each
issue (if any) are outlined in the enclosed attachment:


Randy Turner
Network Architect
Sharp Laboratories of America
rturner at sharplabs.com

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Meeting Minutes - IPP 2/19/97 Teleconference

Steve Zilles
Jim Walker
Lee Farrell
Peter Zehler
Roger DeBry
Scott Isaacson
Jeff Copeland
Mabry Dozier
Bob Herriott
Stan McConnell

What is the process for closing open issues?
The chair of the working group will declare status of issues once he/she determines rough concensus has been reached.

Requirements Issues were reviewed.

Item #4 Should print-file be changed to send-file? or is there something else going on here?

#12 HTTP request to retrieve the appropriate driver installer - recommended outside IPP scope (closed)

#13 Do we define some standard for cost of a page? (Outside scope of initial IPP effort) (closed)

#37 Still open - objective attributes vs. subjective attributes

#45 Has been changed (closed)

#48 Fan-in issue (Tom will write up something, open)

#49 closed

#50 Need to look at translating user requests/desires to directory service attributes (Yes we need to do this, closed)

#51 Add user-attended/operator-attended operation (passed to model group)

#54  Boolean operation supported in DS query

#56 Scenarios might be more clear if identified as intranet or internet (already covered in document, closed)

#57 closed

#59 Scenario 3.8 is user required to know what PDL is used in his/her job (changed in document so user doesn't need to know, closed)

#60 How does HTML printing handle links? (outside scope of initial IPP work, closed)


#62 All queued jobs visible? (no, but the position of the clients' jobs will be visible, but the protocol does allow full disclosure. closed?)

#63 Does ListJob include completed jobs? What does ListJob return? (Bob H. will define ListJob modifiers, closed)

#64 Scenario 4.2, change "getting status" to "get capabilities" (done, closed)

#65 Is there a scenario for "presubmitting" jobs? (closed, out of scope)

#66 Should resource references (summary) be part of the metadata instead of the print job? (in the model document, closed)

#67 Add scenario for multiple-document jobs (already done, closed)


Model subgroup issues review:

#2 What is the URL format for a job identifier? (Use what is returned by the server, with the exception of what is defined
     by the IETF with regards to URL format, the remainder of the URL is opaque to clients)  -- closed?

#3 Add an attribute to the printer that will indicate URI for driver installer? (open

#4 Is "Media ready" part of the directory service entry (work to be done, open)

#7 Specify which attributes are mandatory and what is optional (work to be done, open)

#11 Information about security details and payments will be part of the printer information and not directory service (open)

#13 For a "print" operation, should other attributes and status associated with the job be returned, along with the new
       job URL/URI?  (open)

#14 Should IPP document abstracts list all associated documents so reader knows to retrieve other necessary documents? (sure, why not, closed)

#16 Version 1.2 states there is an optional message and optional error information in the operation responses - this needs to
       be cleaned up.  (open)

#17 Bob H. will review wording (open)

#18 The term "Best-effort" will be elaborated (clarified in several contexts) in the documents (open)

#19 Clarify adornment to this status (closed)

#20 (Not covered during conference call)

#21 (Not covered during conference call)


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