IPP> DIR - Directory Issues -Reply

IPP> DIR - Directory Issues -Reply

IPP> DIR - Directory Issues -Reply

Scott Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Mon Feb 24 14:31:17 EST 1997

Thanks for the reminder Keith, I'll get the list integrated.

And, oh by the way, I am having a Super Day....


>>> <Keith_Carter at aussmtp.austin.ibm.com> 02/23/97 04:38pm >>>

  Directory Team,

  I noticed that "directory-issues.doc" does not contain all of the issues
  in "IPP-DIR-ISSUES-01.doc".  I recommend that the non-redundant
  (minus the proposals) from IPP-DIR-ISSUES-01.doc be included in
  directory-issues.doc to produce a single source of directory issues.
  Unfortunately, at present I am not able to post anything to the ftp site.
  Otherwise, I would do this myself.



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