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Scott Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Fri Feb 28 18:29:47 EST 1997

>>> <rdebry at us.ibm.com> 02/27/97 11:43am >>>

> Don, I gave the requirements document a quick read. The major
> comment I have is that the way the document is currently written,
> it would appear that the only required client interface is a Web
> Browser. While I would agree that using a Web Browser is an
> important requirement, the document should not lead one to
> believe that it is the only requirement!  Since the first paragraph
> in the Terminology section discusses the use of Worl Wide Web
> tools, and Browsers are explicitly dicsussed in the second paragraph,
> there is no need to explicitly call out Browsers (and not mention other
> kinds of clients) in each of the remaining sections.

Great comments, I agree with them all.  Since I agree with them and I
expect others to do so as well,  I am assuming that we are generally
agreeing with the following assumptions:

1. Browsers are not now and will not be (in the relatively near future)
but the entire desktop operating system of client nodes on the Internet
(maybe some day, just not now for IPP)

2. Some "changes" will have to be made to today's browsers if IPP is
mapped to some transport and endcoding that is not just HTTP and HTML
forms if Browsers want to submit jobs directly using IPP (not just through
an IPP print provider for all apps on the desktop).


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