IPP>PRO - Protocol meeting on 3/7 at Sun

IPP>PRO - Protocol meeting on 3/7 at Sun

IPP>PRO - Protocol meeting on 3/7 at Sun

Robert Herriot Robert.Herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Mar 5 19:27:26 EST 1997

I have now set up the meeting for the Protocol group.

If you have any agenda items, please send them in.

The meeting will take place at Sun in Menlo Park at building MPK-17 in
the Mirassou conference. It will start at 10:30 and continue until
5 or so, depending on when we decide to stop.

For people coming in person, I have put a map at
The brief summary for anyone coming from the airports, SF (south on
101) or SJ (north on 101) is to take the exit in Menlo Park that says
"Willow Rd, Fremont, 84 East". If you stay in the left lane of 4-lane
Willow Road, you will find yourself in the Sun campus in about a mile.
If you keep in that lane, it will force you to make a right turn on the
Sun campus, then look for MPK-17 towards the rear of the campus. Ask
the receptionist to call the Mirassou conference room.

If you are calling in, please use the following number:
    415-547-4810, password #2209287

If you need to reach the conference room directly, its number is
    415-786-5689. That number will not be busy, even while the
    conference room is connected to the call-in number.

Lunch will be served in the conference room shortly after noon so
we can continue working.

The following people have indicated that they will participate.
If there are any errors or changes to this list, please email me.

In person:

Asad Faizi
Robert Herriot
Carl-Uno Manros
Larry Masinter
Randy Turner
Steve Zillies

By telephone:

Roger deBry
Patrick Powell
Peter Zehler
Scott Isaacson
Tom Hastings

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