IPP> DNS resource records for IPP Services

IPP> DNS resource records for IPP Services

IPP> DNS resource records for IPP Services

Randy Turner rturner at sharplabs.com
Thu Mar 6 13:44:35 EST 1997

To elaborate on my earlier proposal for integration of IPP
directory services and DNS, I would suggest that we attempt to
re-use an existing resource record (possible TXT or WKS) to
identify IPP services within the existing DNS environment. My
original suggestion during the teleconference was to possibly
issue an internet-draft outlining a new resource record (RR) 
that was specific to IPP. However proposing a new RR would cause
sites to have to update their DNS server code with a new release
of BIND to support the new RR. 

We could still issue an internet-draft stating how existing
RRs could be used to identify IPP services, however. One of the
existing RRs that could be used is the WKS record (WKS is short
for Well-Known-Service), or possibly the TXT record which is
just a record that can hold arbitrary textual information that
could identify a URL and other attributes specific to an IPP

I will try to formalize a proposal for this and submit it to
the list.  It will outline exactly how to configure a DNS server
for IPP service advertisements, and suggest how clients can 
access this information.


Randy Turner
Network Architect
Sharp Laboratories of America
rturner at sharplabs.com

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