IPP> Re: ADM - IPP Charter and Slot in Memphis -Reply

IPP> Re: ADM - IPP Charter and Slot in Memphis -Reply

IPP> Re: ADM - IPP Charter and Slot in Memphis -Reply

Scott Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Fri Mar 7 11:46:47 EST 1997

I agree with what Don has suggested, and I would like to add one more

There has not been a single active participant (over 40 people from  20+
companies) that has suggested a formal need for this "standard"

Unanimously, participants have agreed that there will be mapping code
from IPP to any or all of these existing implementations (LPR in its MANY
forms included), but that there is no need to standardize on it.  As we
can see from some of the participants, some will implment this IPP to LPR
mapping code and then make it available as reference source code for
any other vendor that might want to take it and tweak it for their
implementation.   This will happen, but it does not need to be a standard.

In other words, the federal government is imposing an unworkable
mandate on the states, each of which knows best how to solve this
problem without the "helpful" input from the feds.

However, it would be important for someone who is highly motivated
(because of existing business in legacy LPR systems) to take a look at
the IPP  model and subsequent protocol to insure that this LPR mapping
can be done.  If there are any real concerns,  voice them now.   I have
not heard major issues to date.


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