IPP>PRO revised agenda [some additional ideas]

IPP>PRO revised agenda [some additional ideas]

IPP>PRO revised agenda [some additional ideas]

Patrick Powell papowell at dickory.sdsu.edu
Fri Mar 7 22:58:18 EST 1997

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# From: Tom Hastings <hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com>
# Subject: Re: IPP>PRO revised agenda [some additional ideas]
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# I suggest that we start off by trying to agree on what the requirements
# are for the Protocol document.

# For example:

# 1. Map the tokens and semantics from the Model and Semantics document
# to a protocol.

I twitch every time I see the term 'protocol' used in this manner.
Most of the IETF world looks at protocols as things to be used for
data/network information transfer.

# 2. Select a transport protocol or specify a new one.

# 3. The protocol should be straightforward for the following environments
# to support:

Yes.  This is VERY important.

# 4. The deployment of clients and servers supporting new versions of the
# protocol need not be done in lock step.

I do not understand this comment.

# 5. etc.

I would like to discuss unifying some of the efforts of the Protocol
and Model efforts,  so that the limitations of existing/current transfer
protocols can be more explicitly examined.  I have just been through a
'what if this is done?  then we cannot use THAT protocol'
effort,  and largely ended up with little progress in my own understanding
of the problems.

# A second agenda item would be to list the RFCs that are reference and/or
# background to the IPP protocol effort, especially for those of us who are
# not familiar with very many RFCs.  I suggest that the protocol sub-group
# keep an every-green list of such RFCs.  Such a growing list should contain:

#   a. The complete title of the RFC
#   b. The RFC number
#   c. A sentence or two about what is in the RFC (maybe its Abstract?)
#   d. Why this RFC is in this list: possible transport protocol, source for
#      syntax, a good RFC to copy in form and presentation, etc.

# The best place for this list would be on the PWG IPP web page itself with
# hot links to the RFC FTP server for each listed RFC.

I agree.  In addition I recommend that you also add the ietf proposals.

I would like to add an item - protocol implementation
and trial implementations of example (baseline) server which would gateway
IPP to LPR and SMB, a (Win32?) client and a UNIX client.

Patrick Powell

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