IPP> Microsoft Presentation -Reply

IPP> Microsoft Presentation -Reply

IPP> Microsoft Presentation -Reply

Scott Isaacson Scott_Isaacson at novell.com
Tue Mar 11 12:07:38 EST 1997


The fiile  got moved to new_MOD/historic.

The goal is to post new things to new_MOD but they will be moved to
historic after a few weeks.  The best thing to do is to post something
to both new_MOD and historic and so we can just delete the
new_MOD item and not have to move it to historic (keeps the file
time stamp the same).


>>> Don Wright <don at lexmark.com> 03/11/97 06:43am >>>
For some reason the presentation was removed from new_MOD
where it was placed after the last meeting.  I have loaded it there
again.  The URL is:


I hope it sticks around for a while this time.


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