IPP> REQ - Firewalls

IPP> REQ - Firewalls

IPP> REQ - Firewalls

Don Wright don at lexmark.com
Wed Mar 12 10:41:51 EST 1997

The intention is that the protocol must be capable of passing through proxy 
servers or firewalls.  An administrator can, of course, turn that off if the 
policy restricts usage of that protocol.


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Date: 03/12/97 07:12:17 AM
Subject: Re: IPP> REQ - Firewalls

The REQ document makes a categorial statement that the protocol
should be able to operate across a firewall.  I note that proxy
servers are currently regarded as the only reasonable way to enforce
security for various operations.

If this is the case,  then you will have to allow a 'proxy' server
to be put into the system,  or drop all the discussion of firewalls.

If you put in a 'proxy server',  then you have effectively invented
a queue/spool server.

I do not think that folks will buy the requirement that the IPP
implementation must punch through a firewall...
This would make a lovely tool for security violations.

Patrick Powell

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