IPP>MOD Specifiying locale for a response

IPP>MOD Specifiying locale for a response

IPP>MOD Specifiying locale for a response

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Wed Mar 19 09:24:37 EST 1997

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Have a set of languages supported,  default is 'English'
RKD> I agree that supporting a set of languages is the
RKD> best approach. However, I'd suggest that the
RKD> default language ought to be a configuration
RKD> option.

I.e. - the following exchange might take place:
WhatLanguagues do you support???
   Answer: 101 en fr sp

SendMessagesLocal= (fr en sp)
   Answer: 102 <fr> oui. en francais

What happened?
   Answer: 103 <en> I dunno. This error is very strange
   Answer: 103 <fr> Je ne fait pas une faut! C'est les autres!
           * note the above is my small nieces contribution...
RKD> In my previous note on this subject, I had suggested that
RKD> the client be able to ask for a response in a particular
RKD> language. For example:

RKD>   Get Attributes
RKD>    - locale for responses = french

RKD>   Response
RKD>    - printer location = some french text string

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