IPP>DIR - comments on security document

IPP>DIR - comments on security document

IPP>DIR - comments on security document

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Mon Mar 24 10:05:45 EST 1997

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To: Roger K Debry/Boulder/IBM, ipp @ pwg.org at internet
Subject: Re: IPP>DIR - comments on security document

I have some replies to your replies to my original comments.

I am still concerned about the notion of security domain

RKD> I think security domain is a pretty well understood term
RKD> among security folks and I intend to keep that term in the
RKD> paper. If you are unhappy with the definition we'll have to
RKD> get some security folks to help explain it better.

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So if two people are a member of the same security domain, they
both have access to exactly the same files?

RKD> No, it simply means that there is a set of policies and/or
RKD> security mechanisms in place that dictate how access to
RKD> files is provided. An exampoe would be user/group/public
RKD> file permissions, but might be something more sophisticated.

And if a file is in a different domain from client or printer, how
does anyone get access to it?

RKD> One case would be where the files are public. An example of
RKD> this would be the PWG FTP site where IPP files can be accessed
RKD> by anonymous FTP.  The owner of the ftp site sets the policy
RKD> that establishes these files as accessible by anonymous FTP.

RKD> Another case might be where someone in the security domain of
RKD> the file gives me permission to get the file. Permission may
RKD> come, for example, by purchasing the file.

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You describe 2.1 as the traditional office, so I assume this is where
there is some security on files. I may want to print a file that only
I can read on a printer.  I can push it because I have access to it.
A printer cannot pull it unless I send it appropriate credentials and
that problem is not yet solved as far as I know.

RKD> If you mean that we do not yet have a solution to providing
RKD> the credentials, you are correct. We recognize this as
RKD> a requirement.

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a client can send a file or the printer can fetch it.  What is
left unanswered is how a client get authority to fetch the file
or how the printer knows that the client is allowed to print the file.

RKD> True, these are unanswered questions we hope to get some help
RKD> with from the ietf security gurus.

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The point I was making is that in section 2.4 the client cannot gain
direct access to the data because it is in a different security domain
and yet in section 2.5 the print can gain access to the data even though
it is in a different security domain.

RKD> In both cases permission must be provided through some
RKD> mechanism yet to be determined and which may be outside
RKD> the scope of IPP.

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