IPP> IPP Security

IPP> IPP Security

IPP> IPP Security

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Randy, could you bring a copy to the PWG meeting next week.
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There is an interesting (short) article in this week's
"Computer World" that suggests users are excited about
the prospect of printing over the internet but worried
about security; some even desiring encryption. In fact
the name of the article (on page 43) is titled:
"Users doubt security of net printing".

It discusses Microsoft's discussion of their internet
printing concept at our meeting at Adobe. The article
goes on by saying that XCD, Inc. announced a $49
"Printranet Remote Internet Printing" package. It lets
a PC user at one site print a file on a remote printer
by sending the document as E-mail.


this is the March 24th edition of ComputerWorld.


Randy Turner
Network Architect
Sharp Laboratories of America
rturner at sharplabs.com

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